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Sexual Health Tips

Welcome  We hope to offer a place you can refer to when in question about many aspects of a healthy sex life. The most important factor in bringing about a healthy, … Continue reading

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27 Things Men Don’t Know About Women

Female celebrities offer relationship secrets and dating advice for the opposite gender. Now maybe they’ll learn something.

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Why Abortion is legal or Illegal in Different Societies & Religions

Abortion In Islam: WARNING!!!!! The article below contains an image of an aborted foetus (fetus).  Viewer’s discretion is advised! Abortion in Islam is a crime after the first 120 days … Continue reading

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Keys To A Successfull Marriage

KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.

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Relationship Relationship may refer to: Interpersonal relationship Intimate relationship Relation (mathematics) Casual relationship, a.k.a. causality See also Direct relationship Inverse relationship Relational model for database design Customer relationship management List … Continue reading

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The Porn Controversy

The Porn Controversy “The pedestal has always been the pits, and women remember that when told that they need ‘protection’ from sexual words and images.” – Sandy Rapp, musician and … Continue reading

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Urdu Poetry Ahmad Faraz Aarzadgan-e-Shehar Ka Ab K Rut Badli To Ab K Tajdeed-e-Wafa ka Ab Kiska Jashn Manatay ho Abre Bahar Ab K Bhi Aisay Chup Hain k Yeh … Continue reading

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